Linden House

Tapas & Themed Menus

Five sample buffets menus for with more of an exotic theme. 

Turkish Party Menu  

  • Bowls of black and green olives  
  • Crispy borek with feta and spinach filling 
  • A selection of dips – hummus with tahini, cucumber & yoghurt, aubergine with garlic and served with pitta bread, flat bread and a selection of crunchy vegetables  
  • Mini Kofte (lamb) kebabs  
  • Aubergine and tomato pilaff 
  • Tomato, cucumber, parsley, cracked wheat and lemon olive oil dressing 
  • A platter of roasted vegetables with yogurt and tomato sauce 
  • Prawns with spring onion coriander and garlic 
  • Harricot bean with red onion, parsley and sumac and olive oil dressing  

Moroccan Buffet Menu 

  • Lamb tagine with apricots & honey  
  • Chicken with smoked paprika, pickled lemons and olives 
  • Chargrilled aubergine slices with lemon tahini sauce 


  • Mixed green salad 
  • Mint, pomegranate and spring onion cous cous rubbed through with warm butter and saffron 
  • Roasted aubergine, tomato and red onion salad 
  • Flat bread and selection of artisan bread rolls 


  • Caramelised sweet spiced oranges and cream 
  • Pavolva with cinnamon plums  
  • Butterscotch cheesecake 


Indian Buffet Menu 1  

  • Kashmir lamb with fennel seeds  
  • Creamy chicken tikka  curry  
  • Aubergine and potato with pickling spices 


  • Coconut rice pilaff 
  • Carrot and mustard seed salad·       
  • Selection of pickles & chutney with naan bread 


  • Cinnamon pavlova with caramelised pears 
  • Freshly cut fruit with served with sweet saffron yogurt  

Indian Buffet Menu 2 

  • Murgh Mughlai chicken-a pale mild creamy curry 
  • Lamb kofta meatballs in spicy tomato sauce 
  • Vegetable biryani  


  • Aloo Gobi -potato & cauliflower with ginger, cumin & mustard seed      
  • Selection of pickles & chutney with naan bread 


  • Blackcurrant mascarpone trifle 
  • Vanilla crème brûlée  
  • Honey and cardamom biscuits 


  • Bowls of salted almonds 
  • A selection of cured hams and charcuterie such as Serrano Ham, Chorizo, Jamon de Trevelez , salchichon de vich
  • A cheese board with bread, crackers, grapes, date chutney and membranillo
  • Platter of roasted vegetables and marinated pimentos and selected olives 
  • Basket of crunchy vegetables with saffron mayonnaise dip 
  • Albondigas - spicy meatballs in tomato sauce served warm 
  • Saffron roasted chunky potatoes 
  • Mini sticky orange and almond cakes 
  • Fruit kebabs with chocolate dip